Model Profile: Blake Blossom

Blake Blossom

It takes quite a woman to play Captain Marvel herself! Where Brie Larson dare not go in her portrayal of the iconic superhero, the stunning Blake Blossom steps up in the Cosplayground original The Marvels XXX: A Porn Parody. Blossom is a blonde stunner with curves in all the right places, including her legendary massive natural boobs and her sweet ass. For anyone wondering, those boobs are a whopping 32DD! Blake Blossom’s road to porn was like so many other young women. When she turned twenty this curious Arizona-born babe started an OnlyFans account to test the waters of her newfound sexuality. This helped connect her with the right people to kick off one of the hottest porn careers in recent memory. Sure, Blossom has admitted to having sex with forty guys before even getting into porn, but that pales in comparison to what awaited her. Blake has stated that she felt like a natural in porn from the first minute she stepped onto a set, and she especially loves scenes in which she gets to suck on big dicks! The insatiable Blake Blossom certainly gets her fill at Cosplayground, where she fucks her fellow superheroes Ana Foxx and Reyna Belle! These superheroes get super wet for each other and love marveling at each others’ pussies! What can we say? We love seeing Blake blossom on camera.

Date of Birth: 
Feb 14th, 2000
Birth Place: 
Arizona, USA
5' 7''

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