Model Profile: Madi Collins

Madi Collins

Redheaded sexpot Madi Collins was the perfect choice for Cosplayground’s Furiosa XXX: A Porn Parody! This fearless cutie bounced around high schools before getting her GED while waitressing at two different restaurants in a mall. She’s stated that she found restaurant work to be nerve-wracking. However, sex work is another story. She loves it, and got started from a very early age. Madi dabbled in online sex work before officially starting stripping when she was twenty-one-years old. Madi loved the attention, so she was gutted when the clubs closed down during the pandemic. No matter. Madi turned back to the internet, this time creating an OnlyFans account. It wasn’t until she collabed with former The Bachelor contestant Chad Johnson on his OnlyFans that hers blew up, thus launching the career of the Madi we know and love today! Madi lost her virginity when she was a sophomore in high school an since then has become a pro in the bedroom. Standing at a petite 4’ 10” tall, she says that short girls do best doggie style. With her short legs, riding cock can be exhausting! You can find Madi in all sorts of compromising positions in the big-budget Furiosa XXX: A Porn Parody. We’re mad about Madi!

Date of Birth: 
May 7th, 1998
Birth Place: 
Chicago, Illinois, United States
4' 10''

Parody Scenes with Madi